Girls Tween/Teen Bible Study

It’s All About the Hair: A Teen Birthday Party

Teens + birthdays can be difficult.  They are too old for the usual party fare, yet they still want to do something to celebrate.  As I wracked my brain to think of something for my daughter's 14th this year, I asked myself, "what do they love to do when they get together?"  HAIR!  I called Read More

Does Your Teen Need a Wardrobe Check?

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How to Run a Girls Group: The Nuts & Bolts

I’ve had so many of you ask me how we run our little band, I thought I’d do a post on it and hopefully answer all of your questions at once!  If I’ve missed anything, please let me know in the comments.  This is the "nuts and bolts" of how I run our group.  If Read More


Post-It Stands: a useful DIY gift

This easy, DIY Post-It note stand is a great gift for teachers, friends, and kids alike.  I originally got the idea from a blog called Paper Wings.  Here is what you need: 5x7 Acrylic picture frame stand Patterned scrapbook paper Various ribbon Post-It Notes A embellishment to hang in the middle of the ribbon Cut Read More

Becoming a Person of Character: KINDNESS

Introduction: Ice Breakers Tarzan, Jane, & the Ape:  This is a full body version of rock-paper-scissors.  Two people stand back to back and on the count of three, they turn around and act out either Tarzan, Jane, or the Ape.  Tarzan beats the Ape, Jane beats Tarzan, and the Ape beats Jane.  Play until there Read More

Courage: Becoming a Person of Character Series

Lesson #1: COURAGE Introduction: Ice Breakers Two Truths & a Lie: Break down the girls into groups of 3 and have them each think of two truths about themselves and one lie.  They tell the group all three, and the group has to guess which one is the lie. Courage Stories: Share stories around the Read More

Becoming a Person of Character Series

Being a person of character is a challenge that each of us faces each day.  It's hard, plain and simple.  To make all of our decisions based on integrity takes resolve, understanding, and, most of all, the power of God.  These very decisions that are right, though difficult to make,  create the whole of who Read More


Girls Group.  It's not a creative name, but somehow it stuck.  The girls are now thinking of changing the title to "New Directions."  Regardless of what we call it, getting 10-15 girls packed into our living room to talk about life is time well spent.  Our Girls Group began three years ago when my daughter Read More